INTERVIEW: 'The fundamental issue is to comply with matters agreed to in Paris and Glasgow'

Amr Yehia , Tuesday 15 Nov 2022

In an interview with Ahram Online on the sidelines of the 27th UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh, Valvanera Ulargui, director of the Spanish Office for Climate Change, said that “The fundamental issue for us is maintain trust and continue advancing to be able to comply in time with the matters agreed to at Paris in 2015 and at Glasgow in 2021.”

 Valvanera Ulargui
Director of Spanish Office for Climate Change, Valvanera Ulargui


Ulargui said that "hosting a COP is always a challenge, but it presents the opportunity to reach ambitious agreements to decarbonise the economy and reduce the harms of climate change."

She stressed that climate action requires reinforcing multilateralism at the international, regional and national levels.

“The positive news is that… there is an international consensus to manage the impacts of climate change,” she said.

However, she pointed out, there is still the challenge of forging agreements that take into account the close link between adaptation and loss and damage with the global and regional security agenda.

“Thus, we need agreements that include the need to be more resilient, with more prevention and adaptation measures, and to deal with impacts throughout the world, but especially in the most vulnerable countries that are suffering from natural disasters that entail losses and damages.”

These require effective and rapid solutions that are agreed upon between many institutions, she said, underscoring the importance using the COP process to reach these agreements.

“Each COP must go one step further, never going back on the commitments to reach the 1.5 C target.”

She said Spain came to COP27 committed to both Africa and an outcome that contributes to international peace and stability.

“We come with the aim of working on a solidarity agenda of solutions that put a stop to the multiple crises that humanity is facing."

"Climate change is a common enhancer of all the crises in energy, food security, fertilisers or debt,” Ulargui said.

In conclusion,  Ulargui said that "Egypt made a tremendous effort, which we appreciate coming here from Spain, organising a summit that required meeting big logistical and diplomatic challenges."

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