COP27, Day 8: Gender & Water Day

Ahram Online , Monday 14 Nov 2022

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Youth climate activists hold signs that read from COP27 to G20 fight for 1.5 at the COP27 U.N. Climate Summit, Monday, Nov. 14, 2022, in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. AP


23:15 Gender Day wrap up

Gender Day amplifies women’s role in addressing the climate crisis by including more inclusive and meaningful participation in the planning and implementation of solutions and policies.

22:30 Water Day wrap up

Today featured a multi-stakeholders conversation regarding the climate impacts on water and the linkages to wider, cross-cutting connections on development and livelihoods as a result of the water crisis.

These discussions covered issues related to sustainable water resource management, breaking down a variety of topics such as water scarcity, drought, cross-boundary cooperation, and the improvement of early warning systems.

21:00 The “Global Gender Response Tracker with a Green Lens” launched, adopting a climate-smart lens to the COVID- 19 Global Gender response Tracker, and become more specific about the solutions needed to leave no one behind.

20:20 Pope Francis tweeted on Monday: "I would like to mention the COP27 climate summit, which is taking place in Egypt. I hope that measures will be taken, with courage and determination, in the wake of the Paris agreement."

19:45 UN Climate Change High Level Champion for Egypt  Mahmoud Mohieldin said that women fall victims to poverty, hunger, lack of funding and lack of education. He added that two-thirds of the world's women lack education, and that 63 percent of the world’s poor are women. Such deprivation of women, he said, demonstrates the importance of providing women with access to education and to financing.

During the opening session of “Gender Day”, Mohieldin praised women's active participation in the National initiative for smart green projects. He said that out of 6000 registered projects 1000 projects have been submitted by women and that 3 out of the 18 winning projects have also been submitted by women. 

19:20 Important progress on sustainable forest management and conservation has been made at the UN Climate Change Conference COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh with the launch of the Forest and Climate Leaders’ Partnership (FCLP), which aims to unite action by governments, businesses and community leaders.

The Partnership aims to boost action to implement a commitment made by over 140 countries at COP26 in Glasgow last year to halt forest loss and land degradation by 2030 and to convert ambition into results on the ground.

18:50 ACWAP Initiative

On Gender Day, the Presidency’s Flagship Initiative AWCAP, a pan-African holistic approach to support women and their communities with more effective resilience tools.

African women disproportionately work in climate-affected sectors such as agriculture and livestock management, forestry, water and health. Their lives and livelihoods are at a significant risk of being adversely affected by climate change.

This timely initiative dedicated to women and girls in the continent aims at intensifying efforts to improve women’s inclusion in just transition to a low carbon and climate-resilient future.

18:25 AWARe Initiative.

Water kicked off with the launch of the AWARe initiative, the session focused on the water related challenges affecting billions worldwide, while exploring solutions to this pressing issue. The AWARe initiative aims at reducing water loss, improve supply of clean water, promote cooperation and interlinkages between water and climate action, while offering mutually agreed policies and methods of cooperation including in relation to adaptation and its co-benefits.

17:30 "We need to put women’s needs, experiences, and their wisdom at the center of places where policies are being made. Women are not only the victims of the climate crisis, they are also the leaders who can lead us out of this crisis," says climate activist Elizabeth Wathuti.

17:00 India and the UN in India jointly hosted an event at India’s pavilion titled “Understanding the Concept of LiFE.”

“The mantra of LiFE places individual contribution at the centre stage to find solutions to problems posed by climate change.  Both Egypt and India are examples of centuries old civilisations that have sustainable lifestyle practices embedded in their culture and traditions,” said Bhupender Yadav, India’s minister for environment, forest and climate change.

16:15 FM Shoukry President of COP27 receives Frans Timmermans Executive VP for the European Green Deal in the European Commission. Both sides praised their continuous coordination and discussed various issues of global climate action, as well as subjects on the conference’s agenda.

15:30 President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said genuine progress on climate action can only be achieved by realising climate justice for all with the full integration of women, during an address delivered on his behalf by Minister of Environment, Ministerial Coordinator and COP27 Envoy Yasmine Fouad.

El-Sisi also said African women are a key partner in achieving sustainable development and overcoming climate repercussions

15:15 India made an unexpected proposal over the weekend for this year's climate talks to end with a call for a phase down of all fossil fuels.

The idea is likely to get strong pushback from oil and gas-exporting nations, including the United States, which promotes natural gas as a clean `bridge fuel' to renewables.

Two diplomats who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the proposal was yet to be officially debated said India could be trying to get payback for last year's meeting, when it was publicly shamed for resisting a call to phase out coal.

Countries compromised by calling for a vaguer ``phase down'' instead, which was nevertheless seen as significant because it was the first time a fossil fuel industry was put on notice.

15:00 Egypt, the host this year's U.N. climate conference, supports a ``just transition'' from coal to renewable energy, the country's climate change champion Mahmoud Mohieldin said.

Mohieldin, who is also an executive director with the International Monetary Fund, said ``phasing out'' coal, as many had hoped would be pledged at last year's talks before ambitions were watered down, needs ``adequate support'' from rich countries to be successful.

``We need to be realistic here,'' Mohieldin said. ``Just transition means adequate support to phase out from coal.''

He added that phasing out coal globally ``needs to be put in context,'' saying that 600 million people in Africa have no access to electricity and would need support to improve living standards through clean energy.

Mohieldin said Africa's contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions could increase rapidly if African countries did not receive ``adequate finance from public and private sources'' and access to ``research and development and patents'' for clean energy sources.

14:45 A new ranking of how well countries are doing in addressing climate change puts Denmark top, followed by Sweden and Chile.

The annual Climate Change Performance Index published Monday by NewClimate Institute and Germanwatch leaves the first three places empty on the grounds that no country is on track to halve its emissions by 2025 compared to 1990 levels.

Of the 63 countries reviewed, Iran came last, below Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan.

India was ranked eighth thanks to its low emissions and growing use of renewable power.

The European Union came 19th, while the United States trailed in 52nd place, though both improved on last year's assessment. China, which is now the world's biggest polluter, was in 51st place after falling down the list due to plans for new coal-fired power plants.

Climate activists demonstrate at the Sharm el-Sheikh International Convention Centre, in Egypt's Red Sea resort city of the same name, during the COP27 climate conference, on November 14, 2022.

14:30 In a session titled “Ambitions of Mitigating Climate Change before 2030,” COP27 President Sameh Shoukry called for overcoming all geopolitical obstacles in the way of the climate change mitigation

He asserted that the Egyptian presidency of COP27 is keen to produce “satisfactory” results for all parties on mitigation in particular and on other climate actions in general

14: 00 A scheme to give speedy financial support to communities battered by climate disasters was launched Monday by a group of rich and developing nations at the UN COP27 summit in Egypt.

The "Global Shield against Climate Risks" comes as many of the most vulnerable nations are also demanding wider compensation for the "loss and damage" they have already suffered from a heating planet.

The initiative, backed by the G7 and launched with initial funding of more than $200 million, aims to provide "pre-arranged financial support designed to be quickly deployed in times of climate disasters".

13:30 The negotiation process on climate issues at the COP27 is achieving success, John Kerry the US Presidential Climate Envoy told a group of journalists from various media outlets, including Ahram Online, on Monday.

Egypt has made progress on climate issues and the US is keen to support it, he said.

Kerry described the inclusion for the first time the issue of loss and damages into the official agenda of COP as “a good step.”

13:00 There are 4 signs of progress at the COP27, wrote Professor Rachel Kyte, the dean of the Fletcher School at Tufts University and former special representative of the UN secretary-general and chief executive officer of Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL), in The Conversation.

12:45 COP27 E-Drive application that allows people to book electric vehicles for transportation to and from the conference is now available for download on App store and Google Play Store

12:30 11-year-old indigenous Indian climate activist Licypriya Kangujam, one of the youngest climate activists in the world, sent a message to our world leaders on Day 8 of #COP27.

On Sunday, she visited the Pyramids of Giza.

Afterwards, She posted her pictures during the visit on Facebook with a Thank You note. 

“At The Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt today. It will be a memorable visit for my life. Thanks Egyptian Government for taking care of my visit to Pyramids from Sharm El Sheikh City.”

12:00 During a session on remote sensing for monitoring river basins, UN Climate Change High Level Champion for Egypt Mahmoud Mohieldin called for the establishment of these monitoring systems as early warning systems to cope with consequences of global warming.

11:45 In a briefing today, COP27 President Sameh Shoukry said that the Egyptian presidency of the COP27 continues to hold consultations with all concerned parties, including on the ministerial level, to push climate negotiations forward.

He stressed the importance of strengthening technical negotiations through political consensus.

11:30 The "Empowering the African Woman in Domestic Communities" initiative was launched this morning during the "Voice of Women Leaders in Climate Debates, Policies, Implementation and Beyond" session.

11:00 Egypt launched the African Women's Climate Adaptive Priorities (AWCAP) initiative. 

AWCAP aims to increase opportunities for women in the just transition to a green economy, as well as to promote gender-sensitive perspectives in adaptation and mitigation, while also promoting educational and behavioral change on women and climate change.

10:30 “The AWARe initiative catalyzes inclusive cooperation to address water as a key subject under climate change adaptation,” tweeted the of Egypt’s presidency of COP27.

10:00  Egyptian Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Hani Sewilam announced the launch of the Action for Water Adaptation and Resilience (AWARe) initiative for adaptation in the water sector to climate change.

The initiative aims to achieve three main objectives: 

-    Reducing losses and improving water supplies globally.

-    Implementing mutually agreed policies in adaptation measures on water issues.  

-     Enhancing cooperation and interdependence between water and climate action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in 2030.

09:45  Climate change is making drought more likely but, as in much of the continent, people in East Africa and the Horn of Africa lack the resources to tap groundwater on a wide and efficient scale.

Harnessing Eastern Africa's groundwater could be a huge benefit for a region struggling to slake its thirst. 

The United Nations water agency estimates that roughly 400 million people across Africa lack access to clean water.

The British charity WaterAid and the British Geological Survey found that Africa has enough groundwater for most countries to get through at least five years of drought.

``Groundwater has great potential for drought resilience,'' said Girma Ebrahim, a hydrogeologist with the International Water Management Institute.

09:30 Brazilian president-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is set to arrive in Sharm El-Sheikh today to attend the COP27.

The 77-year-old, who promised on the campaign trail to to reverse the environmental policies of his predecessor Jair Bolsonaro and work towards zero deforestation, will address the conference on Wednesday, his press team said.

Day 8, 14 November - Gender Day /Water Day

10:00-13:00 Mandated events and workshops Fifth biennial high-level ministerial dialogue on climate finance

13:00-15:00  Lunch

15:00-18:00 Mandated events and workshops High-level ministerial round table on pre-2030 ambition, Presidency events In-session Dialogue on Gender Day with COP 27 Presidency time tbc



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