English edition out for Samer Soliman's "The Autumn of Dictatorship"

Ahram Online, Sunday 17 Apr 2011

Samer Soliman's book ‘Nazam el Qawy... wa Dawla el Daaeefa,’ (Strong regime, weak state) which predicted the collapse of the Mubarak regime, is now available in English under the title ‘The Autumn of Dictatorship’

Author, Samer Soliman came to the conclusion after studying Egypt’s fiscal crisis under Mubarak, that the Mubarak regime was on the verge of a collapse ... a prophecy that came true days before Stanford University Press published the English version of Soliman’s book.

The study argued that behind the strength of the Mubarak regime, which used police power to quash any opposition, lay a weak state. 

As per the editorial review by Robert Springborg, Naval Postgraduate School, "Samer Soliman has followed the wise adage to 'follow the money as it shall lead you to the truth.' By tracing the authoritarian state's patterns of extraction and allocation, he helps us better to understand not only the workings of that state, but its consequences for economic growth, including the possible fostering of capitalism. His study is a valuable contribution to the political economy literature on Egypt and the Middle East more generally."

The book's Arabic version "Nazam el Qawy... wa Dawla el Daaeefa" was published first by Dar Merit then again by Al-Dar in two consecutive editions.

“The Autumn of Dictatorship” by Samer Soliman, Palo Alto: Stanford University Press, 2011. pp.224

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