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New Release: Amal Donqol ... Unpublished poems

The unpublished poems of Egypt's late and great Amal Donqol were found in an old index and give a glimpse of the beginnings of his celebrated career

Ahram Online, Sunday 25 May 2014
Amal Donqol
Amal Donqol (Photo: Other)
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Views: 1665

Amal Donqol Qas’id lam Tonshar, (Amal Donqol ... Unpublished Poems), Edited by: Anas Donqol, Cairo: General Egyptian Book Organisation, 2014.

The General Egyptian Book Organisation has released unpublished poems by the late renowned Egyptian poet Amal Donqol in a new book edited by his brother, Anas Donqol. The poems are published to coincide with the 31st anniversary of the late poet’s death.

His brother said that Amal wrote the previously unpublished poems when he was 22-years-old. According to him, some of the poems do not have the same merit of intellectual quality that his late poems had, but he still wished to publish them, to give a glimpse of the beginnings of his late brother’s career.

The poems were found handwritten in an old index that belonged to Amal Donqol, dating back to the year 1961.

Amal Donqol, born in Qena in 1940, is best known for his poem 'Al-Ka'ka Al-Hagarya' ('The Cake of Rock'), which he wrote in praise of the 1977 Egyptian uprising against former President Anwar El-Sadat.

Donqol is still known as the “Prince of Refusers” for his famous poem, 'Do Not Reconcile,' written in December 1976, expressing his opposition to peace with Israel.

Donqol has six published poetry collections, including Crying Between a Bird’s Hands, The Coming Era and Papers of Room No 8.

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