New Release: 'Suicide Line' by: Amir Zaki

Ahram Online , Sunday 22 Mar 2015

Amir Zaki released his first literary work entitled 'Suicide Line'

Book Cover
'Suicide Line' by: Amir Zaki

Khat Intihar (Suicide Line): Amir Zaki, Kotob Khan: Cairo, 2015.

The young writer, journalist and translator, Amir Zaki, has released his first short stories collection entitled Khat Intihar (Suicide Line), from Kotob Khan Publishing House.

The collection includes 12 short stories about alone people enclosed in their own solitude, finding themselves disoriented in a confusing environment. He moves between the themes of love and war, creation and social oppression.

Amir Zaki, 26, graduated from Cairo University's philosophy department in 2009.

He translated (TheYear of Dreaming Dangerously) by Slavoj Žižek in 2013, and The Chomsky-Foucault Debate: On Human Nature in 2014, both released from Tanweer Publishing house in Cairo. He has also authored various articles and translated numerous texts by Friedrich Nietzsche and Samuel Beckett.

He publishes his own translations and readings on his blog called Boring Books.

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