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New Release: Al-Adaab

One of the section's subjects is a seminar, in which many young men and ladies talked those who participated in the Tunisian revolution.

Marwa Mohie El-Din, Monday 6 Jun 2011

Al-Adaab magazine, (Literature), 2011, pp. 210

"Tunisia and Egypt;  the Arab nation knocks on freedom's door". This title was chosen by the Lebanese magazine  for its latest issue. It includes a main section edited by Samah Idris, the editor-in-chief, the critics and writers Yassin El-Hag Saleh, Ghassan Bin Khalifa and Abd El-Haq Labeed. Many other writers and thinkers participated, writing about the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions.

One of the magazine's subjects is a seminar with many young men and women who participated in the Tunisian revolution. The magazine also includes a study of Faysal Daraj on the Egyptian rebirth, Nader Fergani's article about Egypt and Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution, and various poems and documents as well.



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