New release: 25th January Revolution

Marwa Mohie El-Din, Monday 6 Jun 2011

Dr. Waheed Abd El-Megeed's book contains his insights into the revolution and his previous writings on political reform

Thawret 25 Yanayer, (25th January Revolution), Dr. Waheed Abd El-Megeed, Al-Ahram Center for Translation and Publishing 2011, pp 240.

One of the first books published about the revolution is Dr. Waheed Abd El-Megeed's book, divided into three chapters. The first one focuses on the closing of the chance for reform completely after the constitutional amendments in 2005. These amendments led to more political corruption, and the reformation that the former system promised was nothing more than a mirage.

The second chapter combines several articles and comments published by the author before the revolution. A common theme among them is the idea that closing off the chance for reform leads to keeping things as they are.

The last chapter of the book records the author's reaction to the revolution through the articles that he published both during the revolution and after it. 

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