The Egyptian Writers Union contributes constitution preparation

Ahram Online, Tuesday 19 Jul 2011

At the conclusion of its conference, the Egyptian Writers Union drafted seven articles to guide the preparation of the new Egyptian constitution

The Egyptian Writers Union annual conference concluded yesterday, issuing a project to prepare an “Egyptian Writers Document,” as their contribution to the drafting of the new Egyptian constitution.

According to Mohamed Salmawy, head of the Union, this seven-article document came out of discussions about the shape of the Egyptian civil state, and confirms that the conference will continue to hold discussions for this project until the text reaches its final shape.

The document will then be shared with other political and civil society bodies, including Al-Azhar and the Egyptian church, to add input before it is submitted to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

The seven articles affirm the importance of the role of intellectuals in putting together the new constitution. They are as follows:

First, the civilian Egyptian state as a cornerstone to a free and democratic regime as the only guarantee for the rights of all Egyptians.

Second, the right of the Egyptian citizens to free and respectable lives, which cannot be achieved except through social justice as a cornerstone of society.

Third, the importance of the constitution as a representation of all Egyptians’ hopes and desires, which will require vast societal contributions, and for which the Egyptian intellectuals must join hands with the wide array of trade unions and workers unions to complete a final document.

Fourth, the confirmation of Egypt’s Arab identity, with its Arab and African depth as the cornerstone of its national security in the face of traditional enemies, with the Zionist body at their forefront.

Fifth, the importance of a national project that can absorb all efforts, with education as a priority.

Sixth, the importance of the intellectual’s role in building society, which should be explained in the constitution.

Finally, the importance of restructuring Egyptian media and education to express the real interests of the society.

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