Kuwaiti writer Taleb Al-Refaay: Kuwaitis support the Egyptian revolution

Ahram Online , Thursday 29 Sep 2011

Being on the side of the Egyptian revolution is 'being on the side of history and truth,' says renowned Kuwaiti writer

Renowned Kuwaiti writer Taleb Al-Refaay says that most of the Kuwaiti people "support the Egyptian revolution," adding that "being on its side is taking the side of history and truth; those who are against it are opposing history."

Al-Refaay made the remarks during his participation in a symposium organised in Alexandria Library to discuss his works. He said that the Kuwaiti lawyers who came forward to defend ousted president Hosni Mubarak don’t represent anybody but themselves. He said the Kuwaiti people value the Egyptian people's support for Kuwait during the 1990 Iraq invasion.

Al-Refaay was awarded the State Prize in his country. He headed the jury committee of the Arab Booker Prize two years ago. He has written wrote many works, the most prominent among them: Dhel Eshams, Samar Kalimat and Althaoub, alongside short story collections. The latest collection is Sareqat Saghera, published by Al-Shorouk Publishing last week.

Al-Refaay pointed out that Kuwaiti women have a prominent presence in public life, but they are oppressed at the level of social life, like women in some other Arab countries. He pointed out that his bias to women in his works comes from his belief that male-dominated society shapes its laws and values in favour of men.

Al-Refaay noted that many of his works have features of an autobiography. He said, however, “I don’t have the courage to disclose my breakdowns.”

The symposium included critical studies on Al-Refaay’s Samar Kalimat presented by Ahmed Al-Masry and Zakarya Anani, professor at Alexandria University.

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