Award ceremony to be held today for translator of book on recent changes in Nile Basin countries

Marwa Mohie El-Din, Tuesday 1 Nov 2011

Egypt's minister of culture will grant the Refa’a Al-Tahtawi prize to, Tawfiq Ali Mansour today for his translation of the book The Nile (Nahr Al-Neel)

Egypt’s minister of culture, Emad Abou-Ghazi, will grant the Refa’a Al-Tahtawi prize to Tawfiq Ali Mansour today for his translation of the book: The Nile (Nahr Al-Neel).

The prize is named after Refa’a Raf’i Al-Tahtawi (1801 - 1873) who was one of the leaders of Egypt’s scientific rebirth as well as a translation leader during the famed era of Muhammad Ali Basha, who ruled Egypt in the 19th century.

This is the third cycle that the National Translation Centre hands out prizes for. The winner receives LE100,000 (roughly $17,000), a memorial medal and an appreciation certificate.

The translator Beshir El-Seba’i won that prize last year for his translation of the French historian Henry Lawrence’s The Palestinian Cause (Masaalat Falasteen).

It is worth mentioning that the book, The Nile, is written by 20 of the most elite researchers, including the great geologist Roshdy Said and the ambassador Samir Ahmed.

This diversity of expertise resulted in a comprehensive understanding of the Nile from the historical, geographical and climatic perspectives. The book highlights recent developments in Nile Basin countries, such as Egypt’s 25 January Revolution, as well as South Sudan’s secession.

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