10 titles to watch out for at Cairo International Book Fair

Mohammed Saad , Thursday 1 Feb 2018


This year's Cairo International Book Fair, which runs until 10 February, has a record number of Egyptian publishers.

Here are 10 titles to watch out for while you are taking your tour between the halls and pavilions of the fair.

1 - The Rise and Fall of the Egyptian Workers Movement (Suood W Oufoul El-Harak El-Omaleya), Edited by: Amr Adly and Fatma Ramadan, (Cairo: Dar Al-Maraya), 2018.

This important book tracks the rise and fall of the Egyptian workers union between 2006 and 2016. The book is edited by the renowned Amr Adly and activist Fatma Ramadan. The book's foreword is written by Tala Shukr, and is co-authored by Shahir George, Alaa Abdel-Tawab, Mohamed Gad, Mohamed Adel, Mohamed Medhat, Nadine Abdullah and Haitham Gabr.

Location at the Fair: Al-Maraya section inside Hall 2

2 – Spring Hunter (Sayad El-Nassim), by: Mohamed El-Makhzangy, (Cairo: Dar El-Shorouk), 2018.

After a seven-year hiatus, renowned Egyptian writer and novelist Mohamed El-Makhzangy returns with three new books, one of which is his short stories collection 'Spring Hunter'. The other two books are his novel Fatima's Piano and the Search for a new National Animal (Piano Fatima). The three books are published by Dar El-Shorouk.

Location at the Fair:Shorouk pavilion next to the Salah Salem Gate

3 - The Commandments (Al-Wasaya), by: Adel Esmat, (Cairo: Kotob Khan), 2018.

The 2017 winner of the Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature, Adel Esmat released his new novel The Commandments.

Location at the Fair: Kotob Khan wing at Hall 4

4 – Four Days of January (Arba' Ayam Men Yanayir), Edited by: Mohmed El-Eryan and Ramy Seyam, (Cairo: Dar El-Mahrousa), 2018.

Fifty-eight young people tell their stories about participating in the January 25 Revolution. The stories are all told from a very subjective perspective. The book is edited by Mohamed El-Eryan and Ramy Seyam.

Location at the Fair: Mahrousa Publishing House section at Germany Hall.

5 – A Journey Inside the Tube Nozzle (Rehla Dakhel Fouahat El-Masoura), by: Ahmed Al-Sadek, (Cairo: Kotob Khan), 2018.

Young author and musician Ahmed Al-Sadek has finally released his first novel after years of writing. The novel follows many lines that the author sees as ways to look for a meaning to our existence. The protagonist of the novel struggles to write his own novel, while endlessly searching for fulfillment of his insatiable sexual desire, before he gets drafted into the army.

Location at the Fair: Kotob Khan wing at Hall 4

6 –Zombie Capitalism: Global Crisis and the Relevance of Marx (Ra'smaleyat El-Azma), by: Chris Harman, Trans: Ghada El-Tantawi, (Cairo: Dar Al-Maraya), 2018.

The Arabic translation of economist Chris Harman's 2009 book Zombie Capitalism is finally out from Dar Al-Maraya. The book is translated by Ghada El-Tantawi and reviewed by Wael Gamal.

Location at the Fair: Maraya section inside Hall 2

7 – Why Do we Read Arab Philosophers Today (Lemaza Naqraa El-Falasifa El-Arab El-Youm), by: Ali Benmakhlouf, Trans: Anwar Moghith, (Cairo: Afaq), 2018.

In this book, French Philosophy professor Ali Benmakhlouf seeks to reposition the legacy of Arab philosophy into the wider picture of the international philosophical heritage. The book is translated by Anwar Moghith, a renowned Egyptian philosophy professor who has translated many books including Jacques Derrida's Of Grammatology.

Location at the Fair: Afaq section at Germany B Hall, in front of Hall 19

8 –Raya and Sakina's Men (Regal Raya w Sakina), by: Salah Eissa, Second Edition, (Cairo: Dar Al-Karma), 2018.

A new edition of one of late Egyptian writer Salah Eissa's seminal books, Raya and Sakina's Men was issued by Al-Karma publishing house just one month after his death. The book offers a social history of two Egyptian sisters who are the country's most infamous serial killers. The duo killed 17 women between 1920 and 1921, and were sentenced to death in May 1921.

Location at the Fair: Al-Karma publishing house pavilion next to the Salah Salem gate.

9 – Getting out of the Sewer (Al-Khoroug Min Albalaa), by: Nael El-Tokhy, (Cairo: Dar Al-Karma), 2018.

With his distinguished writing style, young writer and journalist Nael El-Tokhy tracks in his latest novel the legendary life of Houreya Ismail Abdel-Moula, with her family, husbands and lovers and what happened to her during the 25 January Revolution.

Location at the Fair: Al-Karma publishing house pavilion next to the Salah Salem gate.

10 - After us, the Deluge (W man Ba'dina Al-Towfan), by: Mineke Schipper, Trans: Abdel-Rehim Youssef, (Cairo: Sefsafa), 2018.

An Arabic translation of the Dutch writer's book After us, the Deluge. In this book, Schipper gathers 30 tales and stories of the end times, from Africa, Asia, Europe and Indian American texts.

Location at the Fair: Sefsafa section at Hall 3.

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