First issue of The Scientific Arab

Ahram Online, Thursday 29 Dec 2011

New monthly periodical aims to bring science in a simple form to a young Arab readership

The first issue of the new magazine The Scientific Arab has just been released from the Kuwaiti organisation of Al-Arbi magazine first established in 1958. According to Soliman Al-Askary, chief editor of the magazine, the new monthly periodical is a long awaited publication that offers cultural and scientific material targeting young Arab readers.

One of the magazine's aims is to understand the reason for a lack of scientific outlook in the Arab mindset, when it is known that Arabs contributed much over time to the global science arena. It also aims to underline that scientific thinking isn't about memorising equations inside closed labs, but is rather a mode of thinking through which one can observe everything around oneself, and analyse facts to get reach verifiable conclusions.

The issue includes an interview with professor Farouq El-Baz on his Development Corridor project, its costs, implications, practical ways of implementation, and a call for young people to increase interest in sciences as a means to pursue progress. In the section "Portrait", Tareq Rashed, the translator, introduces us to an important figure in the world of mathematics, Benois Mandlebert.

Sherif El-Iskandarny meanwhile writes about nanotechnology and the production of clothes, describing the potential revolution that could happen in the industry though applying this technology.

There is also a section with analysis on revolutions, analysing a gene said to be responsible for revolt inside the human being.

In a section on manuscripts, Youssef Zeidan sheds light on a scientific manuscript saved by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Zeidan attempts to analyse the hypothesis that the French Campaign had brought printing and science to the Arab world, allowing the Arabs to catch the train of development quickly.

Morsi El-Tahawy in another section sheds light on an important scientific figure from history, Giordano Bruno, born in 1548. The magazine includes science news, questions and answers, and technology updates.

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