New Release: Nadia Mostafa on the obstacles facing change in Egypt

Ahram Online, Sunday 1 Jan 2012

The early days of Egypt's transition to democracy, following the January uprising, constitute the centre of a two-volume analysis by one of Egypt's prominent political commentators

Al-Thawra Al-Masria Namozagn Hadaryn (The Egyptian Revolution as a Civilised Example), by Nadia Mostafa, Cairo: Bashir Publishing House, 2011.

The author of this two-volume book, Nadia Mostafa, is professor of international affairs at Cairo University. She argues that the eight weeks that followed the first wave of the Egyptian revolution revealed clearly the obstacles facing desired change in Egypt, which she argued was a civilised example of civil transformation.

The analysis is centered around the constitutional amendments referendum of 19 March 2011, seeing it as the beginning of a long road towards change the end of which has not yet been reached.

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