New release: The Biography of a Generation and the Crisis of a Nation

Mary Mourad , Tuesday 11 Jan 2011

Mahmoud Abdel-Fadil writes about his personal memories connected with the 60s generation, events in the political arena in Egypt and his time at Cambridge university in England

Seeret Geel was Azmet Watan (The Biography of a Generation and the Crisis of a Nation), Mahmoud Abdel-Fadil, Cairo: Dar Al-Ein, 2010.

Al-Ein publishing house has recently released the book by the professor and economist Mahmoud Abdel-Fadil. The book relates some of his personal memories connected with the “sixties generation,” famous for their rebellious spirit throughout Egyptian universities and the public arena

He describes how that generation has been affected by the multitude of events on the Egyptian political arena: the Suez Canal nationalisation, the Tripartite aggression in 1956, and the Defeat in 1967. The repercussions of these events left their mark on both social and cultural arenas.

Abdel-Fadil continued his career abroad like many Egyptian scholars at the time, studying and then later teaching at Cambridge university in England. The book also records the period he spent in Cambridge, described as “the best years of his life in terms of academics,” citing its multicultural atmosphere which brings together people from all over the world. He finally returned to Egypt in the early 1980s.

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