New Release: The Orabi Revolution 130 years on

Ahram Online, Tuesday 3 Jan 2012

Ayda El-Azab Moussa's new book on Egyptian nationalist icon weaves stories around those who led the celebrated revolt


130 ‘Am ala Al-Thawra Al-Orabia (‘130 Years since the Orabi Revolution’), by Ayda El-Azab Moussa, Cairo: Shorouk Publishing House, 2011. 156pp.

A new book about celebrated Egyptian nationalist Ahmed Orabi and his 1879 revolt against Tewfik Pasha, Khedive of Egypt and Sudan, as well as the increasing European domination of Egypt by the colonial powers of the day, has just been released by Cairo’s Dar Al-Shorouk publishing house. The book consists of several insightful essays about the personalities who led the revolt with Orabi and a number of his contemporaries.

The author, an African Studies specialist, specifically chose to highlight characters representative of all segments of Egyptian society in an effort to provide the reader with a degree of historical and social context. Based on what has been written about these characters, the author weaves her text around their different points of view, offering rich material sure to enthral readers with a particular interest in the era.

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