New Release: ‘The Revolution’s Paths’ a radically democratic vision of Egypt's revolution

Ahram Online, Sunday 15 Jan 2012

The history professor, Sherif Younis, describes in his book political reactions in post-revolution Egypt as a political vacuum

Sherif Younis

In his new book, historian Sherif Younis presents an analytical, yet radically democratic vision of the Egyptian revolution. In this vision he tackles the revolution as a transition from an authoritarian state to a democratic state through a long process that entails high scale of political reactions, which he describes as a political vacuum.

From this point of view, Younis posits the political vacuum as a central category for his analysis. The book is divided into three chapters: ‘On the Uprising,’ ‘On the meaning of Revolution’ and ‘The conflict between Revolution and Counter Revolution.’

Sherif Younis is a history professor at Helwan University who has authored many books, including:   Sayed Kotb w Alosolya AlIslamiya (Sayed Kotb and Islamic Fundamentalism) and Al-Zahf AlMoqaddas: Mozaharat AlTanahy w Ebadat Abdennaser (The Sacred March: The Step Down Protests and the Worshipping of AbdelNaser).

Masarat Al Thawra (The Revolution’s Paths)
Sherif Younis
Cairo: Al-Ain Publishing house, 2012. 210pp.

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