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New Release: Diaries of a Rowdy Arab Journalist in the 80s

The book is a journey through Salah Eissa's mind, heart and memories; a journey to the times in which he lived

Mohammed Saad , Sunday 10 Mar 2019
Salah Eissa
Salah Eissa

Salami Alyk Ya Zaman: Moshaghabat Sahafi (Diaries of a Rowdy Arab Journalist in the 80s) by: Salah Eissa, (Cairo: Dar Al-Karma), 2019.

Dar Al-Karma has published a new book by the late author Salah Eissa, entitled "Salami Alyk Ya Zaman: Moshaghabat Sahafi (Diaries of a Rowdy Arab Journalist in the 80s).

Eissa, who died 25 December 2017, was a remarkable writer and journalist known for his daring and bold stances and writings, fully deserving of the title given to this book.

The late author used sarcasm as a means of analysis, showing the dysfunction around him and extracting tales and lessons from it.

Along with his encyclopedic knowledge and thoughts on culture, the arts, memory and history, Eissa gathers in this book his emotions and reactions towards the world around him. Eissa takes us into his own life, to places he worked, prisons in which he was jailed, the village he came from, the city he lived in, and the family he grew up in.

The book is a journey through Eissa's mind, heart and memories. It is Eissa's last testimony on his own 1980s, along with snippets from his rich life.

Eissa, dubbed "the storyteller," was one of Egypt's most well-known journalists, documenting the lives of many historical figures, celebrities and Egypt's most notorious serial killers, Raya and Sakina.

He knew how to tell a story and this book displays him at his best.

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