New Release: Feminist discourse in Egyptian novels

Ahram Online, Friday 27 Jan 2012

Siham Abul-Omreen translates the feminist narrative movement in Egypt as a response to a male-dominated society

Alkhitab AlRiwa'i AlNasawy, (Feminist Discourse in Novels), by Siham Abul-Omreen, Cairo: General Egyptian Book Organization (GEBO), 2012.

A new book by Siham Abul-Omreen that tackles the feminist discourse in novels by Egyptian women writers has just been released from the GEBO. The book studies the techniques of narrative formations of selected texts by female women.

Abul-Omreen sees the narrative movement in Egypt by women writers as a mark of a civilized conscience and a manifestation of the artistic maturity of these writers. From her perspective, it's a feminist revolution against the masculine exclusion in society. The author provides a critical analysis of the texts included in the book, showing in details how she arrived at the conclusion and describing her methodology.

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