New Release: Ahmed Zaghloul El-Sheety his second novel after a 30 years haitus

Mohammed Saad , Tuesday 9 Jul 2019

El-Sheety's second novel comes after a long hiatus that lasted almost 30 years after his first novel Pisonous Roses for Sakr

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Sakhret Heliopolis (Heliopolis Rock), by: Ahmed Zaghloul El-Sheety (Cairo: Dar Al-Ain), 2019, 132pp.
Egyptian writer, Ahmed Zaghloul El-Sheety, has released his second novel after an almost 30 year long hiatus. 
The new novel, entitled Sakhret Heliopolis (Heliopolis Rock) published by Dar Al-Ain in Cairo, is his second work after Worood Samma El-Sakr, (Poisonous Roses for Sakr), released in 1990.
Unlike his first novel, the 132 pages new novel is more subjective containing many characters and a protagonist with multiple names; he doesn't belong to a social class and has many loyalties.
The author says "this novel is my proof to the world that I'm still alive, and that I'm still going through my own adventure. I work as if I were a young writer starting all over again. I try to give this subsequent work to my first novel, not just for the people to read, but as a proof for my survival. That I have recovered my soul from death.
Ahmed Zaghloul El-Sheety, is an Egyptian writer born in Damietta in 1963. He published his first novel in 1990 and was met with a wide applause among readers and critics. The novel was adopted into a movie in 2018, with the title Poisonous Roses.
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