New Release: 'The Cyclops' by Ibrahim Abdel-Meguid

Ossama Lotfy Fateem , Friday 19 Jul 2019

book cover

Al-Syklob (The Cyclops), by: Ibrahim Abdel-Meguid (Tunisia: Miskilyani Publishing), 2019

Renowned Egyptian novelist Ibrahim Abdel-Meguid continues to explore new horizons in Arabic literature with his latest novel 'Al-Syklob' (The Cyclops), published by Tunisian publishing house Miskilyani Publishing last month. 

According to Abdel-Meguid, he did not write the novel, it was written by the characters themselves. An absurd theatre writer was created by a novelist, then a strange phenomenon starts to occur, everything that the invented writer imagines becomes real in the novelist's life. The question then becomes; who is writing the novel, are the events taking place in the real world or the imagined one, and who is imagining it?

The novel is a certain candidate for the Booker Prize this year. 

Abdel-Meguid, 72, is a renowned Egyptian novelist, best known for his novel 'No One Sleeps in Alexandria.' His works have been translated into many languages including English and French.

Abdel-Meguid has won various awards, including the Mahfouz Medal for Literature from the American University in Cairo Press and the Sawiris Award for Literature for Established Writers.

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