Prominent Egyptian writer and analyst Mostafa El-Labbad dies at 54

Mohammed Saad , Sunday 1 Sep 2019

Mostafa El-Labbad
Mostafa El-Labbad (Photo: Al- Ahram)

Egyptian writer and political analyst Mostafa El-Labbad died this morning at the age of 54.

El-Labbad was an established political writer who specialised in Iranian and Turkish affairs.

He authored a number of books including Turkiya bayn Tahadeyat Al-Dakhel wa Rahanat Al-Khareg (Turkey Between Internal Challenges and External Bets) 2009, and Hada’ek Al-Ahzan (Gardens of Sadness- Iran and the rule of the Faqih) 2006.

El-Labbad was the director of the East Centre for strategic and regional studies in Cairo. 

He was also the editor-in-chief at Sharq Namma Magazine, which focuses on Turkish, Iranian and Central Asian affairs.

El-Labbad, who was born in 1965, earned his PhD in the Political Economy of the Middle East from Germany in 1994.

He was the son of one of Egypt’s most renowned cartoonists and graphic designers, Mohie El-Din El-Labbad.

El-Labbad was a frequent contributor to Al-Ahram Weekly.

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