Egyptian revolution inspires French writers

MENA, Friday 17 Feb 2012

French books have come out that are keen to uncover the social and political motives that led Egyptians to rebel

The Egyptian revolution has inspired many French writers eager to analyse the social, economic and political motivation behind it and monitoring its events day by day in addition to prosucing biographies of the revolutionaries. Various French books have come out of that passion; here are some of the more recent titles.

Egypt in Tahrir by Claud Gibail and Tangy Salon, released by Eldorado, starts with scenes from Tahrir Square during the revolution that led to the ouster of Hosny Mubarak. The authors try to give an idea of how the masses who participated in the revolution took to the streets due to a prior understanding of the the Egyptian scene before the revolution break out. A special chapter is devoted to the Egyptian Facebook Generation.

Robert Solie published The fall of the Pharaoh with Lizarine Publishing, tackling the 18 days that changed Egypt.

Vincent Batiste and Fracois Eriton published Egypt at present: An analysis of pre-revolution society with Sindbad; it tackles the social and political crisis in Egypt before the revolution.

The Michelle Lavon publishing house released Egypt: Beginnings of Freedom by the Paris-based Egyptian activist Shahinaz Abdessalam.

This collection comes in addition to the famous Egyptian writer Alaa Al-Aswany's book A History of the Egyptian Revolution, which comprises the articles he wrote on Egypt before and after events.


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