New Release: Religious Movements and the Future of the New Arab Conflict

Ahram Online, Tuesday 6 Mar 2012

The Jordanian author surveys religious movements in politics in the Middle East, urging unification to manage the Palestinian-Israeli conflict or, she predicts, conflicts will escalate

Book Cover

Alharakart Aldeeneya Alseyaseya w Mostaqbal Alsira’ AlAraby AlJadeed (Political Religious Movements and the Future of the New Arab Conflict) by: Nadia Saadeddin, Doha: Al Jazeera Centre for Studies. 2012.

Jordanian writer, Nadia Saadeddin, has just released her book through Al-Dar Al-Arabiya and Al-Jazeera Centre for Studies on the growing presence of religious movements on the political stage in Palestine and surrounding countries, such as Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon

The author gives a rigorous vision of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the future, fraught with a pessimistic outlook on the possibility of reaching a peaceful solution.

Saadeddin points to the significance of the religious political movements of the day and its role in the Palestinian conflict, moving from its own religious notions and paths of managing the conflict.

The author urges the need for a unified Arab strategy to manage the conflict with Israel and develop new paths to solve it in a way that guarantees the right of struggle and resistance as a way to liberty.

Saadeddin concludes in her book that the conflict is likely to escalate, due to distorted compromises that detract Palestinians' rights.

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