Arab Writers Union support a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as the capital

Mohammed Saad , Wednesday 29 Jan 2020

The Arab writers union concluded its meeting in Cairo with asserting the rights of Palestinians to have their own state with Jerusalem as its capital and condemned all forms of naturalizing of relations with Israel

Arab Writers Union
Arab Writers Union meeting in Cairo

Arab writers Union has concluded its conference in Egypt with a closing statement that asserted the importance of fighting terrorism on the cultural level and affirming a "firm position in support of Palestinian people's right to establish their independent state with and Jerusalem as its capital.

The union asserted the need for a plan to find financial means to support the union in order to be able to support writers with health insurance.

The statement asserted that the union supports protecting freedom of creativity and the freedom of the culture and arts creator saying that restricting the freedom of writers is not acceptable.

It also proposed holding a periodic Arab cultural summit in cooperation with the league of Arab states, the ministers of culture, information and youth, education and every major civil society institutionsof the member states of the union.

The union asserted the its resistance of the threats to Arabic culture represented in the issue of cultural normalization with the Zionist enemy.

It also proposed a visual "archive" for the pioneers of Arab culture, by setting up a "television" and production unit.

It also touched on the issue of protecting the rights of authors and publishers by proposing the establishment of a legal unit in every Arab literary body under the umbrella of the Union.

Th union decided to also invite Syria for its next meeting and asserted their supportive stance towards Syria, and the unity of its soil. In addition to standing with the Syrian people in the face of terrorism and all forms of division and occupation of its lands.

The union stressed that Palestine's issue is at the heart of its discussions. The union announced its firm stance against naturalizing relations with Israel.

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