New Release: January Revolution: A Critical Account

Ahram Online , Wednesday 26 Feb 2020

The main argument is that the revolution didn't arbitrarily happen and that it didn't develop then regress by coincidence

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Thawret Yanayir (January Revolution: A Critical Account), by: Multiple Authors, (Cairo: Dar Al-Maraya), 2020.


The newly released book by Dar Al-Maraya, Thawret Yanayir: Ro'ya Naqdeya, (January Revolution: A Critical Account), draws a map of the active factors of the 25 January Revolution, nine years after it erupted in an attempt to analyse the crisis resulting from the divisions and cracks of the social relations in post-revolution Egypt.


The main argument in the book is that the revolution didn't arbitrarily happen and that it didn't develop and progress then regress and was defeated by coincidence, given that the authors examine the pre-revolution's context and history to reveal its potential and historical prospects.


The authors attempt to draw a picture of the groups that entered the public sphere in order to achieve political and ideological dominance. The book tackles the capitalist elite stratum, which was formed in the late 1970s and carved some sort of independence from the state apparatus and the governing alliance for itself in the last two decades, and presented itself on the political stage as an alternative dominator starting from the 2000s through allying itself with a small circle within the Mubarak regime and his bureaucratic system. In this process they talk about the project to allow Mubarak's son to inherit his rule.


The second group they tackle is Islamists, and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular, as they were the main competitors in that project. The book tackles their project until its end in 2013.


The authors of the book display the democratic reforms factions, which were the wider current that included nationalists, leftist and liberal groups.


The book is edited by Amr Abdel-Rahman, and co-authored by Amr Adly, Mahmoud Hadhoud and Aly El-Reggal.

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