New Release: Secret History of Abdel-Hafez by Mohamed Mostagab

MENA, Monday 2 Apr 2012

The late author, Mohamed Mostagab, brings the mythical Upper Egyptian figure Abdel-Hafez to life with the colours of his smooth writing style

General Egyptian Book Organization

Min Al-Tareekh Al-Serry Li Noaman Abdel-Hafez (From the Secret History of Noaman Abdel-Hafez) by Mohamed Mostagab, Cairo: Family Library - General Egyptian Book Organisation, 2012.

The most recent release by the Family Library project was this new edition for the book by late author Mohamed Mostagab. The book tells about the mythical Upper Egyptian (in southern Egypt) figure Noaman Abdel-Hafez, who had a miraculous birth, a strange circumcision, complicated childhood and historical wedding.

Each of these chapters is titled 'chapters on,' exuding a sense that it's a biographical research about an unknown historical figure the author is trying to bring to light.

The author's beautiful language and narration intrigue the reader to learn all about Abdel-Hafez that is captured within the lines. 

Mostagab was born in 1938 in Assiut (South of Cairo) and is considered among the notable writers of te 1960s. He was employed at the Institute for Arabic Language and published a number of novels and short stories, receiving a National Honourary award for his works. Mostagab passed away in 2005.

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