Rise of Islamic parties is going to end soon: Study

MENA, Monday 2 Apr 2012

Monzer Thabet argues in a study on Tunisia that Islamic parties are not going to be able to manage state affairs

Hammadi Al-Jibali

A new Tunisian study titled, One Hundred days of Al-Nahda party in Power, argues that the rise of Al-Nahda Islamic party on the political stage in Tunisia and similar Islamic parties in the countries that witnessed Arab Spring is not a permanent feature of politics in these states. Rather, this escalating ascension may start to fall very soon.

Al-Arabiya News Network said that the study conducted by Tunisian political analyst Monzer Thabet, shows that the skills and experience of the religious currents in the Arab world are limited to their experience of being anti-regime movements.

In Thabet's analysis, the task of managing a country with its political and economic affairs far exceeds their abilities and experience.

The study said that the Tunisian government led by Hammadi Al-Jibali, secretary-general of Al-Nahda party, is betting on winning over the public through working on the key issues of inflation and unemployment, issues that especially affect young university graduates.

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