New Release: The Movements of Political Islam, by Hossam Tammam

Ahram Online, Saturday 7 Apr 2012

Hossam Tammam examines political Islam through his own real-life experience

Hossam Tammam

Ma’a Al-Harakat Al-Islamiya, (With Islamic Movements), by Hossam Tammam, Cairo: GEBO. 2012. 248.

Drawing on his experience of Islamist movements through seminars, interviews and international conferences, the late thinker and writer Hossam Tammam, who passed away a few months ago, monitors the role of the effective and dominant figure in contemporary Islamism in his newly released book.

What makes Tammam’s book special is that it takes as its starting point the realistic experience of the author with these Islamist movements since he was personally close to its major figures and was himself considered to be one of Islamism’s eminent thinkers.

The book takes case studies in eminent figures of those movements such as Hasan Attourabi in Sudan, Mohammed Rahsad Ghanem and Zawahiri of Al-Qaeda.

Hossam Tammam, (1974-2011), a researcher who specialised in political Islam, was the executive editor of the IslamOnline web site. He published many books including Islamic Movements around the world: figures, experiences and ideas, Transformaiton of the Muslim Brotherhood: The decay of ideology and the end of the movement.

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