New Release: The wealth of Egypt's modern rulers, by Yasser Thabet

Ahram Online, Sunday 15 Apr 2012

A new book tracks the wealth of successive rulers and presidents in Egypt, from the time of Napoleon to the fall of Mubarak

Book Cover

Kissat Al-Sarwa (Story of Wealth) by Yasser Thabet, Cairo: Merit Publishing house, 2012. 482pp.

Story of Wealth by Egyptian writer and journalist Yasser Thabet tracks the history of wealthy families in Egypt from the French campaign led by Napoleon to the present-day ruling elite.

The author examines the wealth of Mohammed Ali and Egyptian rulers in the khedive and royal eras, moving on to the wealth of successive presidents since the 1952 revolution, including Nasser and Sadat, and then Mubarak.

The book includes a chapter entitled, “The millionaires of American Aid,” examining those who benefit from US military aid to Egypt, estimated at $1.3 billion per year.

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