Sawiris Awards delays announcing winners, reveal full list of nominees

Mohammed Saad , Monday 4 Jan 2021

Sawiris Cultural Awards
Sawiris Cultural Awards 16th edition
Sawiris Foundation for Social Development has announced that it will be delaying the upcoming ceremony for its cultural awards until April instead of the original date scheduled for the ceremony on January 8th.
The foundation said that the delay comes in response to the Egyptian government's decision to ban large gatherings and public activities and to ensure the safety of the attendees.
However the foundation unveiled the full lists of the nominees for its established writers in the categories of novel, short story, playwright and literary criticism awards, which was usually done at the ceremony itself.
Final winners are expected to be announced during the ceremony in April.
Here are the full lists of the nominees:
Sawiris Award for best Novel (established writers branch)
Hisn Al-Turab (The Sand Fortress),  by: Ahmed Abdel-Lattif
Bayt Al-Qibteya (House of the Copt), by: Ashraf El-Achmawi
Al Zawga Al-Mexicya (The Mexican Wife), by: Iman Yehia
Ghoyom Frenseya (French Clouds), by: Doha Assy
Ganaza Gadidia le Emad Hamdy(New Funeral for Emad Hamdy), by: Waheed Al-Taweela
Kimya (Chemistry), by: Waleed Alaa El-Din
Short Story (Established Writers)
Assirb (The Swarm), by: Iman Sanad
Autobis 77 (Bus Line 77), by: Samir El-Fil
Solo Al-Khalifa (The Caliphate's Solo), by: Sherif Abdel-Meguied
Al-Amira Warragol Min Al-Amma (The Princess the Commoner), by: Mohamed Ibrahim Taha
Kan Yama Kan (Once Upon a Time), by: Mohammed Abdel-Naby
19 B, by Ahmed Ahmed Abdallah
Al-Nazeel (The Inmate), by: Samar Taher
Hobot fil Dawra Al-Damaweya (Circulatory Collapse), by Mohamed El-Shamma
El-Matlook (The Freed), by: Yasser Naim.
Wadaan Notr-dame (Farewell Notre-dame ), by: Khaled Hassouna
Kabare Othmanly (Ottoman Cabaret), by: El-Sayed Ibrahim
Hakawy Al-Aragouz (Tales of the puppet), by: Faisal Rezk
Bernatanya by: Mina Bebbawy
Fatat El-Metro (The Metro Girl), by: Hany Mostafa Qadry
Literary Ctiticism
Al-Maray Al-Sardeya (The Narration Mirrors),by:  Ahmed Adel El-Qadaby
Hekayaty An Al-Qira'a (Stories about Reading), by: Sameh Fayez
Al-iltifat Albasary Min Al-Nas Ela El-Khittab (From text to discourse), Abdel-Nasser Helal
Al-Ansaq Al-Naseya W Fi'l Al-Taghayour (The Textual contexts) by Emad Hassieb.
Novels (Emerging Writers)
Bayastet Al-Shawam by Ahmed El-Fakharany
Ma Tabaqa Min Al-Shams (What is left from the Sun) by Ahmed El-Morsi
Tartebat Ashawe'yah (Random Arrangements) by Donia Kamal El-Qalsh
Ahmer Larenj (Bitter Orange) by Charl Akl
Atyaf Camillia (Specters of Camillia) by Nora Nagi
Short stories (Emerging Writers):
Losos Al-Nom (Thieves of Sleep) by Amgad El-Sabban
Ka'a Tanqosoh Al-Hekaya (As if it Wanted Him) by Gilan Shamsy
Khitat Taweelat Al-Agal (Long Term Plans) by Mohamed Farag
Taqrir An Al-Rifaiyya (A report on the Rifaiyya) by Mohamed El-Fouly
Scenario (Emerging Writers):
Al-Ghazala Alaty Fart Min Fina Al-Madrassa (The Gazelle that Fled from the School Yard by Ahmed Ihab Abdel-Wareth
Abdullah by Paula Tadros Thabet
Ayna Zahab Shaker Abaza (Where did Shaker Abaza Go?) by Mohamed Hassan Abdul-Aleem
Hamlet by Al-Sayed Abdul-Naby
Kilo 35 by Mahmoud Ahmed Abdelrahman
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