New release: '25' documents the revolution, beginning in 2004

MENA, Tuesday 24 Apr 2012

Cultural Resource Foundation publishes book documenting the Egyptian Revolution including articles, profiles of prominent revolution figures, as well as articles and photographs related to significant events

Cultural Resource Organization

The book 25 has just been released by the Cultural Resource Foundation, setting out to be a unique record of events from before the revolution up until the Port Said massacre in February 2012.

The book includes 25 important dates with particular significance to the revolution, starting from the Kefaya movement in August of 2004 and ending with the killing of 10s of football fans in Port Said Stadium. There is a section including 25 demands of the revolution, none of which were fulfilled.

Along the same theme of 25, there are 25 characters portrayed, starting from Khaled Said, the martyr of the Emergency Law, Ahmed Harara, the revolutionary who lost the sight of both eyes, as well as Ahmed Maher, founder of April 6 Youth Movement, Islam Lotfy, ex-Muslim Brotherhood member, Alaa Abdel-Fattah, activist and blogger, as well as many other political activists who played important roles in the revolution.

A number of Egyptian photographers have contributed to the 25 photographs portraying the events of all 2011.

There are also 25 articles by a number of activists and bloggers, together with newspaper opinion articles by prominent political analysts and activists.

The last two sections include 25 photographs of graffiti of the revolution, and 25 photos of martyrs who lost their lives in the wake of the events starting 25 January 2011 and ending with the Qasr Al-Aini events in December.

The book will be distributed for free together with a CD including 25 videos and 25 songs of the revolution.

The Cultural Resource Foundation is a non-profit organisation aiming to fund and support creativity throughout the Arab world, and to encourage cultural exchange within the region and other developing countries.

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