New Release: Power in Political Islam

Ahram Online, Thursday 10 May 2012

Abdel Gawad Yassin's re-released study on political Islam draws a picture of the ascendance of text over reality in pursuit of power

Book Cover

Assoulta Fil Islam Assiyasy (Power in the Political Islam) by Abdel Gawad Yassin, Beirut: Tanweer Publishing House, 2012. 2 Vols.

Tanweer Publishing House has issued a new edition in two volumes of the book Assoulta Fil Islam Assiyasy (Power in the Political Islam) by the Egyptian thinker and former judge Abdel Gawad Yassin.

The first volume, entitled The Salafi Mind Between Text and History offers a reading of the power structure in political Islam through a historical overview that discusses the dialect of religious texts and historical realities imposed by political conflicts and social contexts in Islamic societies — a dialect that ended to the favour of text over reality.

The second volume, entitled Critique of Political Theory, tries to put the political conflicts in Islamic history in parallel with its social context.

Abdel Gawad Yassin, 58, graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1976 and has published many books on Egyptian political thought during the 19th century.

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