Oman Police arrests writers and poets for instigating the public

reuters, Wednesday 13 Jun 2012

Activists sees the arrests as part of a wider campaign to target the opposition that criticizes the bad political and economical situations

Omani authorities have arrested a poet and a blogger among ten others in the last two weeks, many activists said that these arrests comes among a campaign that targets the opposition of the current regime.
Activists said that blogger Hassan Rouqaishy and writers Hammoud Rashidy Nabhan and Nabhan Al-Hanashy and Poet Hamad Kharousy, were among the arrests.

“There’s no arrest warrant or any charges to the writers arrested nor a court decision to have them in custody.” Said the activists.
 The activists group said that the arrests comes only four days after the threats by the general attorney “to take all the lawful procedures against any one who writes things that offends the political system or instigate people in the name of freedom of expression.”

Reuters could not immediately reach the officials to comment on the arrests news circulated by the activists but some source, who preferred to stay anonymous, confirmed to Reuters that the arrestees are being investigated and charged for instigating the public opinion.
Another source told Reuters that the arrests may be connected to a recent protest in the Omani Capital Musqat, where some activists raised pictures considered as “offending” to some senior officials in the state.

Musqat has witnessed many protests inspiring the Arab Spring, calling for reformation of the political and social systems. Government promised to do reforms yet only a few bit of these promises wereexecuted.
Blogger Salim AL-Towaih, who works in a local newspaper there said that the anger is escalating as people see how the government faild to meet any of its promises to enhance the conditions of their life in Oman.

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