First woman appointed to head Egypt's National Centre for Translation

Mohammed Saad , Tuesday 26 Jun 2012

Camillia Sobhy, a professor of comparative French literature at the faculty of linguistics and former head of Supreme Council for Culture, was appointed to head the NCT

Camilia Sobhy, professor of French comparative literature, was appointed on Monday as the new head of Egypt’s National Centre for Translation (NCT) to succeed professor Faisal Younis, who retired in April.

The appointment is Saber Arab's last decision in office as minister of culture before he, along with the whole Egyptian cabinet, resigned on Monday.

Camilia Sobhy, the first woman to head the Supreme Council for Culture (SCC) since it was established in the 1980’s, will become the first woman to head the NCT, too.

Sobhy had been appointed in December 2011 as head of the SCC and resigned on March 2012 for undisclosed "personal reasons." Sources tell Ahram Online that she resigned due to a quarrell between her and an SCC employee.

Minister of Culture Saber Arab resigned yesterday, along with Egypt's entire cabinet, after the president-elect of the country, Mohamed Morsi, was announced on Sunday. As Morsi is currently forming a new cabinet, he is expected to appoint a new culture minister.

Some speculate the new culture minister will be Mohammed Abdel-Mone's El-Sawy, who held the same position for two weeks in March 2011, just after the start of Egypt's revolution.

Camillia Sobhy, a professor of comparative French literature at the faculty of linguistics at Ain Shams University worked as a cultural consultant to the Egyptian embassy in France. She was awarded the French decoration of arts and culture from the French Minister of Culture and Communication Fredric Mitterrand for promoting Egyptian-French cultural relations. Sobhy also authored a book on French contemporary thought.

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