Ex-Brotherhood deputy leader releases his memoirs

MENA , Sunday 5 Aug 2012

Mohamed Habib recounts his life, starting from primary school, to his 35 years in the Muslim Brotherhood and quitting after the revolution as deputy to the head of the Islamist organisation

Mohammed Habib

Mozakerat Mohamed Habib (Diaries of Mohammed Habib on Life, Politics and Thought), by: Mohammed Habib, Cairo: Shorouk Publishing House, 2012. 528pp.

The former deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Habib, has just released his memoirs through Shorouk Publishing House under the title Mozakerat Mohamed Habib (Diaries of Mohammed Habib on Life, Politics and Thought).

Habib narrates his life in the 528 page-memoir, starting from his early childhood in the Damietta governorate, where he lived with his parents, three sisters and brother.

He relives his primary school days as well as his higher education, where he the Faculty of Science in Assiut University. Changing tracks, he talks of his long career in public works.

Habib also, of course, recounts how he joined the Muslim Brotherhood and of the founding of the Islamic Da'wa Association while he was heading the Teaching Staff Club of Assiut University.

On politics, he tells of his experience as an MP in the Egyptian Parliament in 1987. A chapter is dedicated to the relation between the Muslim Brotherhood and the consequent regimes since the 50's, with all its tug-of-wars and military trials.

Mohamed Habib does not forget to tell of his time as the deputy to the head of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as how he quit after the Egyptian revolution erupted on January 25, 2011.

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