New edition of Egyptian modern history magazine published

MENA, Thursday 16 Aug 2012

Latest issue of Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s quarterly magazine includes articles about Cairo’s Citadel, political movies and Helwan’s Wax Museum

The latest issue of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s quarterly magazine is out and includes a collection of interesting articles about Egypt’s modern history. The magazine, issued by the Memory of Modern Egypt project, covers stories about the era beginning with the reign of Mohamed Ali Pasha.

An article by the editor-in-chief covers the topographical history of Cairo’s Saladin Citadel, reflecting the two main phases of its construction in parallel with the political events taking place in the country at the time. As explained in the article, Saladin only started the building's construction, and it was completed much later and used as a base for the country’s ruler.

The Mohamed Ali Pasha era was most critical to the history of the Citadel, since he made some changes to its structure reflecting the new modernised Egypt.

Another article celebrates the opening of the Suez Canal, which was attended by many European monarchs.

Sherin Gaber shares an article about political movies, explaining that politics was never away from the cinema, although it varied in intensity and focus.

An article about the Wax Museum in Helwan by Mohamed El-Hamamsy tracks the museum's history as one of the best collections in Egypt.

Other articles include histories of the New News of 1952 newspaper, Egyptian visual art, popular sayings and the Alexandria stock market and its Wall-Street-style Mena El-Basal.

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