PM request to open the Cairo International Book Fair

Mary Mourad , Monday 14 Feb 2011

The Prime Minister has been requested to open Cairo Book Fair as a hub of the cultural celebrations

Discussions are ensuing once more concerning a new opening for the 43rd International Cairo Book fair which had been planned to start on 29th January.

According to Helmy El-Namnam, the Deputy-head of the General Organisation for Books, a request was addressed directly to the Prime Minister, given the recent resignation of Gaber Asfour from the Ministry of Culture, which has left the post vacant so far.

While the timing of the fair is usually planned during the school break in order to attract a large attendance from schools and universities, it is now perceived as an opportunity for a major cultural celebration, announced El-Namnam, referring to the current political and social change taking place in the country, and also to the traditionally-rich cultural agenda associated with the book fair.

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