New Release: Islam Without Borders by Youssef Idriss

MENA, Monday 22 Oct 2012

The author espouses a tolerant interpretation of Islam in front of the extreme interpretations that appeared during the 80’s during the peak of terrorism in Egypt

Islam Bila Difaf
Book cover: Islam Without Borders

Islam Bila Difaf (Islam Without Borders), by Youssef Idriss, Cairo: GEBO, 2012. 350pp.

The General Egyptian Book Organisation (GEBO) has just released a new book titled Islam Bila Difaf (Islam Without Borders) by the renowned Egyptian writer, Youssef Idris (1927 – 1991).

The book compiles articles on Islam and focuses on many urgent issues related to political Islam, such as applying sharia, extremist groups and many other issues that were sparked in the 1980’s, including terrorism.

Although the work was written in the 1980’s it has vital relevance to contemporary issues in Egypt.

Idris writes in the preface that in his book he promotes the tolerant Islam, which confronts the extreme interpretations of this tolerant religion.

Youssef Idris, Egyptian playwright writer, is one of Egypt’s most famous writers, particularly influential in the 60’s - 80’s.

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