New Release: Novel explores ancient Egyptian life

Ahram Online, Monday 29 Oct 2012

A new novel by Naglaa Mouharram seeks to uncover the daily lives of the Ancient Egyptians

Ranzi, book cover

Ranzy Ya Zel Alillah (Ranzy, O God’s Shadow) by Naglaa Mouharram, Cairo: Nile River. 2012. 350pp.

Nile River publishing house has released a new book by Egyptian writer Naglaa Mouharram. The novel seeks to uncover the secrets of the Ancient Egyptians, beyond the mythologies of the Pharaohs and the magic that they apparently used.

Ranzy, the novel's protagonist, is a builder who is ambitious and looks to change the relationship between ordinary people and the gods they worship.

Mouharram says that her work addresses how the ancient Egyptians used to dress, to eat and their relation to religion and the structure of power in the Egyptian state in that period.

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