National Centre for Translation selling translations of world constitutions

Mary Mourad, Thursday 17 Feb 2011

As part of their effort to raise awareness of youths seeking change, the centre has released new copies from its translations of constitutions from all around the world

In an attempt to improve young people's awareness during the process of change in the country, the National Centre for Translation is offering copies of its encyclopedia of constitutions of countries from all over the world.

The five-part encyclopedia is translated by Amany Fahmi, who is renowned for her work in translating legal documents for the UN and other international agencies. The centre is offering a 50 per cent discount on copies sold at the main outlet in the Opera House grounds.

According to Faisal Younis, head of the centre, the release comes at time when there is a great deal of debate regarding the Egyptian constitution and the proposals for changes currently under study by a committee assigned by the military leadership.

The encyclopedia includes the constitutions for the USA, France, Germany, China, India, the Russian Federation, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Australia, Greece and Iran.

The first part of the encyclopedia was released in 2007, with an introduction by Yehia El- Gamal, a prominent  legal expert, describing the conditions under which these constitutions were written and enacted, with a brief historical background about the need for a constitution after the French revolution and how they have been passed from one country to the next ever since.

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