New Release: The Muslim Brotherhood in its pre-revolution years

Ahram Online, Wednesday 28 Nov 2012

New book on the Muslim Brotherhood charts internal discord in the group and its relation to armed struggle and jihadists in pre-revolution Egypt

Book Cover

Sanawat Ma Qabl Al-Thawra (Pre-Revolution Years) by Hossam Tammam, Cairo: Shorouk Publishing House, 2012.

Shorouk Publishing House has just released a new book tackling a timely political topic — the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt's pre-revolution period. The book is written by late Islamic researcher Hossam Tammam, who was a specialist in political Islam studies.

Tammam devoted most of his work to understanding the framework on which political Islam works. He tries in this book to answer questions related to the stances of the Muslim Brotherhood prior to political revolution. He gives examples of mutinies that took place inside the Muslim Brotherhood thorough its history, relating these examples to the nature of the Brotherhood and its organic structure.

The author, who passed away after the 2011 revolution (October 2011, born in December 1972), also discusses the Muslim Brotherhood's relation to armed struggle and to jihadists.

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