New Release: Kurds in Syria, past, present and future

Ahram Online, Wednesday 20 Feb 2013

The authors of a new study argue that the Kurdish issue can only be addressed through a national Syrian framework

Book Cover
The Syrian Kurds: Reality, History and Mythology by: various contributors

Masaalat Akrad Syria (The Syrian Kurds: Reality, History and Mythology), by various writers, Doha: ACRPS. pp191.

The Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) has released a new book which tracks the history of the Syrian Kurds and the emergence of a Kurdish society in Syria from 1925, as well as looking at the current Kurdish reality.

The book tracks the political movements which emerged from the Syrian revolution, and ultimately concludes that it is not appropriate to speak of a coherent Kurdish society on the geographic and human levels between Iraqi, Turkish and Syrian Kurds, and suggests that the Kurdish issue in Syria cannot be solved outside of a national Syrian framework.

The authors argue that Syria is undergoing a historical transitional moment that may give the Kurds a real democratic chance to solve their problem on the basis of a united Syrian nation, where equal citizenship is given as a right to all Syrians (Arabs and non-Arabs) regardless of their ethnicity.

The book was written by Mohammed Gamal Barrot, Hamza Moustafa and Azmi Bishara. 

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