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New Release: Dictionary of Arab gods before Islam

Syrian writer George Kadrr publishes new dictionary of pre-Islamic deities and indicates the religious diversity of ancient Arabs

Ahram Online, Wednesday 10 Apr 2013

Mojam Alehat Al-Arab Qabl Al-Islam (The Dictionary of Arab Gods before Islam), by: George Kadrr, Beirut: Al-Saqi Publishing House. 2013.

For the first time in the discipline of religious studies of ancient Arabs, Al-Saqi Publishing House released the first dictionary of pre-Islamic Arabian deities by the Syrian writer and researcher George Kadrr.

The unique dictionary indexes the names of the gods of the ancient Arabs alphabetically. Al-Saqi Publishing House said in a press release that the book provides a dictionary that reflects the diversity of the religious life of the ancient Arabs, in the Arabian pennisula, which was at the cross roads of the old trading roads that helped turn it into a melting pot of many cultures and beliefs.

The author states in the preface of the dictionary that the old religion of the ancient Arabs varied as they had gods of death, fertility and planets. The author sees this diversity as a natural development of the Arab religiosity in which Islam was its last episode and extended from the Arab lands to the whole world.

The dictionary indexes hundreds of names of old gods and idols that the Arabs used to worship before Islam.

George Kadrr was born in Homs in 1978. He is a graduate of Damascus University and has many published articles and scientific studies.

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