New release: Book of pains by Egypt's Gamal El-Ghitany

MENA, Ahram Online , Tuesday 14 May 2013

Latest book by renowned award-winning Egyptian Author, Gamal El-Ghitany, recalls his experience with disease and recovery

Gamal El-Ghitany

Al azraq wal abyad (The Blue and the White) by Gamal El-Ghitany: Cairo: General Egyptian Book Organization, 2013.

The latest book by renowned Egyptian author, Gamal El-Ghitany, recites his story with disease and pain starting with the day he entered the hospital intensive care unit two years ago and his tour around places close to his heart in Egypt before travelling to undergo surgery abroad and return safely.

The experience recollection stands apart from El-Ghitany's usual writing, using tests written during his encounter with death.

El-Ghitany, born May 9 1945, is an Egyptian journalist and author with a unique project to bring to live Egyptian Arabic heritage to create a unique novel world, and it's considered among the most mature experiences in contemporary Arabic writing. His works helped reveal many of the old forgotten texts and shed new light on old ones.

Among his known works are Zayni Barakat, Papers of a Youth who lived A Thousand Years Ago, and his books were translated into various languages. 

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