New release: Islamic rule in Sudan by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights

MENA, Tuesday 25 Jun 2013

The new book by Haidar Ibrahim Aly describes various dimensions of Islamist rule in Sudan and explains why the project failed

Cairo Institute for Human Rights

E'ndama Yah'kum Al-Islam Al-Seyasy: H'alat Al-Sudan ('When Political Islam Rules: The Case of Sudan') by Haidar Ibrahim Aly, Cairo: Cairo Institute for Human Rights, 2013.

The new book discusses the failure of Islamist rule in Sudan in the attempt to force a thought model that doesn't respond to the actual social, political and social needs.

Throughout seven chapters, the book tackles the challenges faced by Sudan under Islamist rule, including democracy, human rights violations and various forms of oppression Sudanese are subject to.

The constitution, rights of women and rights of non-Muslims are also explained within the Sudanese legal context, along with the sectarian challenge and how Islamists used the fatwa (religious rulings by Muslim clerics) to support their actions.

The book concludes by explaining why the Islamist project in Sudan has failed on all these fronts.

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