New Release: The Complete Works of Amal Donqol, Forward by Gaber Asfour

Ahram Online , Tuesday 17 Sep 2013

Egypt's Supreme Council for Culture has published The Complete Works of Amal Donqol, including his five completed poetry collections

Book Cover
The Complete Works of Amal Donqol, book cover

El-A’mal ElKamel le Amal Donqol ('The complete works of Amal Donqol'), by Amal Donqol, Cairo: SCC, 2013.

Egypt’s Supreme Council for Culture (SCC) has released the complete works of the late Egyptian poet, Amal Donqol (1940 – 1983), with a forward by the renowned critic and former minister of culture, Gaber Asfour.

The complete works includes Donqol’s five completed poetry collections: Maqta Al-Qamar ('The Murded of the Moon'), AlBoqa’ bayn Yaday Zaraqaa AlYamama ('Crying at the Hands of the Bird'), Ta’liq Ala Ma Hadath fi Ahd AlHaly ('Comment on the Contemporary Era'), Aqwal Gadada Ann Harb AlBasoos ('New Statements on El-Basoos War'), Awraq ElGourfa Raqam 8 ('Papers of Room No.8'). The book also includes a sixth collection,  composed of fragments of Donqol's other poems.

Donqol, who was born in Qena in 1940, is best known for his poem Al-Ka'ka Al-Hagarya ('The Cake of Rock'), which he wrote in praise of the 1977 Egyptian uprising against former president Anwar El-Sadat. Donqol is still known as the “Prince of Refusers” for his famous poem, “Do Not Reconcile,” written in December 1976, expressing his opposition to peace with Israel.

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