New release: 'And I Dance' collection by Soheir Sabry

Ahram Online, Thursday 3 Oct 2013

The newly-released collection of short stories by Egyptian author Soheir Sabry weaves a personal search for 'salvation' into the backdrop of the events that took place in the country over the past two years

And I Dance

Wa arkus (And I Dance) by Soheir Sabry, Cairo: Al-Ain Publishing, 2013.

The first collection of short stories by Egyptian writer Soheir Sabry was just released. It contains 35 diverse stories of varying lengths, all told in the first person, which narrate the characters parallel lives in the search for salvation.

"Salvation" was summarized in the subtitle of one story as representing active souls engaged in a "dance."

Fear of time and fear of death are the two central themes within the book, as the characters fight back against struggle through joy. This is particularly clear in the two stories titled "My Birthday in a Train" and "I Grew Up."  The stories also reveal glimpses of the dramatic events that have taken place in Egypt throughout the past two and a half years.

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