New Release: Memoirs of Egyptian defence minister during 1973 war

Ahram Online, Thursday 3 Oct 2013

Field Marshal Ahmed Ismail's memoirs reveal what went on behind the scenes during 6 October War against Israel

Ahmed Ismail memoirs

Musheer Al-Nasr (Field Marshal of Victory, Memoires of Ahmed Ismail) introduction by Magdy El-Gallad, Cairo: Nahdet Misr Publishing, 2013.

Ahmed Ismail, Egypt's defence minister in 1973, was one of the few people attempting to persuade president Anwar Sadat that a war with Israel was necessary. He did this despite realising how expensive failure would be, and that the operation's success would be unlikely to bring him recognition.

Ismail left just a few notes on his role in the 6 October War, but they are a treasure trove of information. 

Although the October War has always been linked with Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak, there were many people who served valiantly behind the scenes and deserve credit.



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