New Release: Backgrounds to the Syrian Revolution

Ahram Online, Sunday 17 Nov 2013

A new book published from Doha focuses on social structure, underdevelopment, a hegemonic regime, and geostrategic politics, among other factors, to explain and interpret the Syrian Revolution

Book Cover
Book cover of (The Revolution's Background: Syrian Studies)

The Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) has recently published a new book on the Syrian Revolution entitled The Revolution's Background: Syrian Studies  (Khalfiyat Al-Thawra: Derasat Souriya).

The book, which consists of 623 pages, presents a series of studies written by multiple Arab and Syrian experts, including: Azad Ali, Jad Al-Karim Al-Jebaai, Hazem Al-Nahar, Husni Al-Azmeh, Hamzeh Al-Moustafa, Khudor Zakaria, Samir Saaifan, Aqil Mahfoud, Ali Bakir, Marwan Qabalan, Mundhir Hallum, Mundhir Khaddam, Nabil Marzouk and Nerouz Satik.

The studies explore aspects of the Syrian Revolution that transcend daily life as it seeks to explore changes in comprehensive social structure, and investigate the absence of development, the country's economic situation, income distribution policies, the hegemonic structure of the regime, the position of Syrian Kurds, sectarian strife, the opposition's critical discourse, and the geostrategic dimensions of Iran, Turkey and Russia's politics, all of which are key issues in understanding the revolution in Syria in its entirety.

The ACRPS is located in Doha and run by renowned Arab thinker, Azmi Bishara.

Khalfiyat Al-Thawra: Derasat Souriya (The Revolution's Background: Syrian Studies), by Multiple authors, Doha: ACRPS, 2013. 623pp.

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