Tanweer launches 'Zahra's Paradise' Arabic translation Thursday

Ahram Online, Wednesday 25 Dec 2013

Tanweer Publishing House celebrates the launch of the Arabic translation of illustrated novel 'Zahra's Paradise' by Iranian author Amir Sultany on Thursday, 26 Dec

Zahra Paradise
Arabic Cover of Zahra Paradise by Amir Sultany

Tanweer Publishing House will celebrate the launch of the Arabic translation of the Iranian illustrated novel Zahra Al-Fardous (Zahra's Paradise) by Amir Sultany, on Thursday, 26 Dec, at 7:00pm.

The translators of the novel, simply referred to on the book cover as Reem and Ahmed, will speak at the event of the challenges they faced during translation. Publishers Sherif Rizq and Mohamed El-Baaly will share their experience with publishing illustrated comics and their cooperation with a serious work such as Zahra's Paradise.

The novel takes place in Iran following the 2009 uprising. Mahdi, the protagonist, disappears after a demonstration staged to protest the same year's electoral fraud. His mother and brother desperately search for him in every corner of the repressive Iranian police state, where oppositionists disappear as though they had never been born.

Zahra Al-Fardous was first published on the website zahrasparadise.com, in Persian, Arabic and English. A printed English translation was published in 2011.

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